Look at an Amazing Plasma Beam Lighter

This is the sort of thing men would normally get excited about, but every gender enjoys some outdoor fun. What is the first thing you think of when you think of camping? You think of a campfire! That is one of the best things about camping. You get to roast up food and smores. Yummy in your tummy and you stay warm. The tough part is getting a good fire started. When you have a plasma beam lighter, you will never be at a loss for a good way to start a fire even under the wettest conditions. It can be helpful to take some survival courses too.

The way these lighters work is rather interesting. There is no gas or flame, just a very hot arc of electricity that will ignite just about anything. You can get different versions and some are stronger than others. You may want it for lighting other things than campfires. If you want to light cigars with these neat devices, you can. You will have to get the double arc kind. That is the one that makes two hot sparks instead of just one, so it is much hotter.

plasma beam lighter

The only thing people seem to complain about these lighters is that they cost a lot. Sure, they are high-cost lighters. You should consider that you never have to add fuel at all and all you need to do is charge the device and use it. This puts it into perspective. Though you can get cheap emergency fire starters, it doesn’t compare to the elegance and intelligence behind a nic plasma lighter. It uses technology developed by Nicola Tesla, a master engineer and electrical scientist. That same technology is being used right now in a device you can have. Is that not wonderful?

Mainly, these are very safe lighters and will only activate when you intentionally do so. Otherwise, they lay dormant and you really don’t need to worry about any accidental sparks. If you are in a survivalist situation, you may want to have more than one lighter and some back-ups that don’t take electricity. For the ones that do, you can always bring along a nice solar charger for it on the excursion out into the wild. You already know that staying warm is a priority and it has to be done. You need to make a campfire for safety as well. It chases off predators like bears and panthers, raccoons, and more.

When you are out there in the wild and you can be the person who starts great fires, you will be loved and appreciated by your team. Arm up with some good plasma lighter equipment and be prepared with amazing technology. People won’t believe what you have up your sleeve and it is rather impressive to start a good fire with plasma. It shows you that there is a bit more to this universe than we think sometimes. Regardless, you want to go out into the wild prepared rather than lacking.