The tasty bits of the Bikini Body Guide Program aka the Kayla Itsines BBG

Let’s get straight down to the juicy bits of a Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review, because this also goes right to the heart of the matter for a great deal of readers out there. Some of them may be quite famished at this time, so we’ll be as quick as we can on filling you in on the tasty bits of any one of the forthcoming Kayla Itsines BBG reviews, stories or articles that they may end up on. For many girls, those feared hunger pains are so bad they’re going to be pretty close to the birthing pains they once felt. Well, for those who’ve had their kids anyway.

Men or women, there is still this ongoing phobia about losing weight. The dreadful thought is that folks are going to be starving themselves on lettuce leaves and carrots from now on. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have been reading up on those reviews you will have noticed that the proof is very much in the pudding. Yes, that’s right girls, there is always going to be time and place for dessert. Only the dessert you’ll be tucking into from now on is so far removed from those tubs of fatty ice cream and chocolate mousse, you might just not believe it at first.

Let’s just say that if you are heavily overweight at the time of reading this note, you are more than likely still a meat lover, never mind a meat eater. So put this in your new health and wellness journal for now. Yes sir, I’m still going to be eating my meat. There’s really no need to go vegetarian or vegan at this stage of anyone’s life. It’s entirely unnecessary at this stage. Nutritional and scientific research has borne this out. Going vegan is very much a lifestyle and spiritual choice more than anything else, and it is not for everyone.

So, don’t worry girls, do tuck in. Only be prepared to enjoy your meat even more. Gone will be your days of processed junk which didn’t taste luck much anyway. And gone will be the days of lards of grease and fat. You’d better get used to that. Your heart will heart you if you do. Your future meat servings will be in smaller portions but they should be surprisingly a whole lot more tasty and there’s going to be a lot more variety added.

Kayla Itsines BBG

No more staring at same old, same old every day. Just imagine feasting, in a healthy sort of way, of course, on something different each and every day of your life. Each meal is designed on just what your exercise schedule is looking like for the day. There’s plenty of emphasis on low fat portions, that much is certain, but there’s also a need to include more than enough protein which incidentally will be coming from your veggies and legumes as well.